Monday, October 6

Daramalan by Droege?

This print reminds me of Daramalan though the landscape portrayed is very much European and the trees are oaks not eucalypts.
The German artist Oscar Droege was born in 1898 and died 1983. As child he took lessons in drawing and painting and he studied at the Art academies of Darmstadt, Düsseldorf and Hamburg. In 1922 Droege was encouraged by his teacher, the count of Kalkreuth, to make woodcuts mainly of northern Germany. Instead of wide open landscapes with fresh colours and clear structures he prefered misty twilight and clipped views. He used daring colours and dramatic arrangements, but the overall impression still is one of distance and reserve.

We have two Droege woodcuts, one of mountain pine trees bent by the wind and one of a storm whipped ocean. Both will hopefully find a place on the walls of the new house when it is finished. Planning to have lots of wall space to hang some of our print collection to create a modern feeling. Might even try to reinterpret some of Droege's works to a more Australian setting.


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