Wednesday, June 24

Wildlife and weather

April was an eventful month with plenty of activity. Craig and I saw an amazing falling star at the end of the second day of sowing oats and I had my first close encounter with a reptile, a large Tiger snake that I almost mistook for a piece of polypipe. Quite scary but at the end of the day they will keep away from us if we leave them alone.

We also had our first real frost in April and the temperatures are heading down sharply with sub zero nights in May and most of June and even snow at Crookwell. In early February there were three days over 39 degrees so we certainly get the full range.

Rainfall so far in 2009 has been above average so perhaps we are returning to a more reliable climate at least for Daramalan. We have been lucky so far with none of the eleven dams running dry in living memory. So long may the weather continue and the more Mediterranean the better with warm wet winters and hot dry summers.

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