Sunday, July 15

Garlic Shooting

We have planted over 100 garlic bulbs of about ten different varieties so we are having a mini field trial this year. So far the strike rate has been high but the heavy frosts and cockatoos/rabbits are a major concern.

Garlic should be okay to overwinter in the ground and come spring will shoot up and we expect quite a crop later in the year. Perhaps enough to supply a local greengrocer or even to have some at the Savitrine Glassworks stall at Paddington Markets every Saturday. I may become known as a garlic seller who also produces some glass art!!

Elsewhere the gardens are bare of much else edible. The artichoke plants are well established and the herbs are doing well. This spring will see us planting some more fruit trees and there is talk of a half acre of pumpkins as a small 'cash crop'. Now that we can plough to our heart's content there is no bare patch of earth safe from some sort of crop production!!

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