Sunday, September 2

Lick Feeder and ELMS Blocks

In an effort to get the flock rams in top condition for sale later this year (November 12th) we are supplementary feeding this year. We have posted news about the Bromar lick feeder previously but we are also using Elders Livestock Management Solution (ELMS)  lick feed blocks. The blocks provide a mineral supplement for the sheep.

"As green feed can contain a poor balance of nutrients critical to maintaining optimum health and productivity it can significantly reduce an animal’s ability to efficiently convert the available feed into meat, milk or wool. It may also contribute to metabolic conditions such as grass Tetany and substantially reduce an animals natural ability to resist infections including parasites."

The ELMS block contains  "an appropriate combination and level of the nutrients required by sheep and cattle to perform at their peak whilst grazing green pastures and fodder crops
including high levels crushed grains, carbohydrates, and bypass protein and a specially prepared blend of both normal and high availability forms of vitamins and mineral."
They are designed to stimulate the rumen to allow animals to deliver higher levels of feed efficiency. 

Let's hope the extra cost and work is repaid in November!

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