Thursday, October 4

Etna, Vico and Rivelin arrive at DBLS!!!

Etna (#4) and Vico (#7) with Ashley Corkhill of Normanhurst Border Leicester Stud, Boorowa

On 27th September we bought three new rams from the Corkhill family's Normanhurst Stud in Boorowa. The two stud (Etna and Vico) and one flock (Rivelin) rams were sired by Cadell Stud rams and Normanhurst ewes and all had good bloodlines with Cadell and Retallack influence. Rivelin and Vico are also registered $uperBorder$ meaning that any First Cross Ewes they sire can be marketed as such and hopefully for a small premium. All up three very good purchases, genetically and financially. They will all be working very hard next year at joining time.

Not the best day though as my car broke down halfway between Crookwell and Boorowa. If it had not been for the kindness and genorosity of John Rankine ( and Brad Croker of Elders Crookwell the whole day would have been a right off. Now I have to just be patient about the car getting repaired.......

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