Monday, September 1

400 acres of Paradise

We would like to welcome you to Daramalan, a 400 acre (160 hectare) property shaped liked a horseshoe within the Tarlo River, 25 km north of Goulburn, NSW. Roslyn is the nearest place but if you're driving you'll miss it on the way to Crookwell, the nearest town.

It's beautiful country - rolling hills, eucalyptus forest and good pasture for sheep and beef cattle. The land is also good for potatoes, olives and fruit trees. We produce wool, lamb and beef and plan to have olives, stone pines, cider apples and a vegetable garden groaning with tomatoes, basil, artichokes and Mediterranean food.

The goal is to have a self sustainable enterprise with solar and wind energy and year round food from the land with surplus to process into added value products. Room for a yoga studio, steam room and artist's studio to help ends meet and feed our souls. Idealistic maybe but definitely achievable.

Check back in a month for an account of our first shearing and some more photographs.

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