Monday, September 29

'Fun to be had'

There is plenty of dried tussock grass about the place that the stock wont eat and so when this started - probably from an ember from a bigger fire some way away - it was almost welcome. At least that's how we felt after the event. At the time I was regretting not having bought the fire fighting pump that will arrive next week.

The land is really beautiful and as a friend remarked "there is plenty of fun to be had". After we planted the olive grove last Sunday we collected a ute load of rock for his rockery garden and discussed his organic fertiliser (that's poo to you) requirements. There is about 20 years worth of sheep manure under the shearing shed so no shortage. Nor of wood for the fireplaces and one of the next tasks will be to fell the dead gums around the back of the house and measure up the potential home site in readiness for architect's plans. We want to take full advantage of the views and the 'warm house, cool house' principles to create a sustainable and green haven for many years to come. Feels fantastic to have started the Daramalan journey properly.

More news next month.

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