Thursday, February 25

Click go the dams. Loudly!!

Limnodynastes tasmaniensis, the Spotted Grass Frog, is widespread over most of the south eastern part of Australia. It has a pale grey to green back with olive green spots or blotches. Some, though not all, frogs have a distinctive pale orange red stripe running down the centre of their backs.

The males make a very loud (and irritating) single sharp click almost all year round, particularly spring to autumn when they are trying to attract females to their territory. We must have hundreds in our two nearest dams. Just as the cicadas stop chirping at the end of the day the frogs start up their deafening chorus. Hope they get mates and perpetuate the species as it is a sign of a healthy water system.

The grebes are back building their nests in the dams surrounded by water to prevent attack from foxes. The latter are getting bolder at twilight and we can often hear the vixen barking in our higher paddocks. Maybe our shooters can bag a few. Must have tempted fate because someone killed a ewe lamb two weeks ago. Very annoyed and if I can identify the gun's owner then he had better offer compensation.

Off foraging now for our dinner! Ciao.

Photograph Source: Barbara Hardy Centre Photographer: John Hodgson.

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