Friday, February 26

Gannet Beach Retreat

We are lucky to have a beach shack at Bawley Point on the South coast that affords us an opportunity to unwind and indulge in surfing, boogie boarding, long beach walks, fishing and the local Clyde River Blueberry Farm. Gannet Beach is still our favourite spot - 100 metre walk from the house and good surf all year round, mostly. Off the coast is Brush Island Nature Reserve with seals, fairy penguins and seabirds. Good fishing spots on all sides and almost sure to catch mackerel and bream. Planning a mid winter trip to stock up the freezer with fish for the year while we wait for the 'fingerlings are us' guys to deliver some dam fish!

Two beaches south is the Murramurang Aboriginal Area, a protected area with important midden deposits containing valuable evidence of indigenous life on the south coast. It is a tangible link for locals to the past and has millions of discarded oyster shells. Just north of the midden is a lagoon, home to a serpent associated with creation of the land and local dreamtime stories.

Even though there has been local development of resorts and "Sydney" beach mansions it is still well worth a visit and it is relatively quiet and unspoilt. On the trip there or back make sure you stop in Milton at Pilgrim's for the best veggie burgers in Australia in a relaxed surfie atmosphere.

Can't wait for the next trip. Ciao.

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