Tuesday, February 9

Unwanted visitors

Not being too specific but we had some very unwanted visitors to Daramalan late last year. A neighbour spotted a red ute going down to the river paddocks and we then discovered ten first cross ewes were missing. We put the word out in the local area that we wouldn't pursue them if the sheep were returned. Luckily they turned up in the front paddock on our sale day. Sheep rustling is still common unfortunately and is just disappointing and financially destructive. We will have surveillance cameras operating this year so we will be able to take them to the police if it happens again.

Apart from the sheep stealers we have several other groups of unwanted visitors on the farm. No, not the Tiger, Brown and Red bellied black snakes or the various spiders and biting insects that are around all year. We have kangaroos, cockatoos (again), rabbits, foxes and wombats in ever increasing numbers. Since we can't shoot native animals it is frustrating.

Someone is shooting though as can be seen from the sign above. Not condoning their pastime pleasures but if they are bagging a few rabbits and roos then that's okay. The only time we have heard them they all disappeared before we could ask them to at least stop shooting into the property. If they kill a sheep then there will be trouble!

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